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Categories of personnel available in Nepal for foreign employment are broadly classified into four groups such as:

Professional Categories

1. Engineers:
A. Civil engineers
B. Electrical engineers
C. Mechanical engineers
D. Chemical engineers

Skilled technicians

1. Junior engineers/ Technicians
2. Male & Female Nurses
3. Care Takers/Care Givers (Male & Female)
4. Construction supervisors/Overseers/Estimators
5. Welders, Gas/Electric
6. Carpenters/Cabinet markers.
7. Steel fixers/Riggers
8. Mason/Tile fixers/Plasters/Designers
9. Plumbers/pipe fitters
10. Drivers: Heavy/Light
11. Draught men: Elect/Mech./Civil.
12. Hotel Personnel/waiters/cooks/bakers
13. Security personnel
14. Operator: Shovel, Bulldozer, Grader, Dumber, Asphalt, Tractor, Power tailor, Computer, T.V., Radio and Watch mechanics.


1. Electric/Mechanical Helpers
2. Electronic Helper
3. Carpenters/Shutters
4. Mason Helpers/ Concrete Mixer operators
5. Asst. Cook/Kitchen Helpers
6. Laundry Men/Washer Men, Barbers, Shop Assistants
7. Trekkers/Loaders, Gardeners, Security Guards.
8. Salesmen, Time keepers, Receptionist, Typist, Manager, Secretaries


1. Labors, Cleaners, Sweepers, Industrial labors
2. Watchmen/Guards, Peons/ Office Boy, Airport Loaders.
3. Agriculture Labors/Farmers